[ACHIEVEMENTS] Fight Game: Rivals (WP7)

31 08 2011

Fight Game: Rivals  [20 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Know The Feeling (5)

Win your first fight

Faster (5)

Unlock and buy your first Dexterity skill

Stronger (5)

Unlock and buy your first Strength skill

Tougher (5)

Unlock and buy your first Endurance skill

Simply Skilled (10)

Buy all skills of a single fighter

Fighting Master (15)

Buy all skills of every available fighter

Fighter Fashion (5)

Unlock first new fighter variation

On Your Way To Glory (10)

Win your first tournament

Legendary (25)

Win all tournaments with all fighters

Déjà Vu (10)

Log in for 10 consecutive days

Hammerfall (15)

Win a fight against Alistair Overeem

Powerhouse (5)

Defeat an opponent in the tournament in 5 rounds or less

Dedicated Fighter (10)

Finish a tournament from start to finish in a single session

Over The High Tower (15)

Win a fight against Sem Schilt

Public Transport (10)

Unlock Highview Metro Station

Asian Festival (10)

Unlock Asian Alley

Paradise Gained (10)

Unlock Phang Nga Beach

King Of The Harbor (10)

Unlock Saltstone Harbor

The Penthouse View (10)

Unlock Hillcrest Penthouse

On Sacred Ground (10)

Unlock Ruins of Angkor Wat




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31 08 2011
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[…] WP7 Releases – August 31st, 2011 31 08 2011 This weeks WP7 Release is a turn-based fighting game.  For the list of achievements if you want to check them out before you buy it, click here! […]

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