31 08 2011

Mercury Hg (12 achievements with a total of 200 points)

(Achievements Could Contain Achievements)

Discoverium (30)
Complete all the levels in Discovery Mode.

Challengium (30)
Complete all of the Challenges.

Bolevium (30)
Complete all of the Bonus Levels.

Targetenium (10)
Complete all 4 targets in any Discovery Mode level.

Bonusium (20)
Discover all 20 of the Bonus Levels.

Spookium (20)
Download and play against an online ghost replay.

Musicium (10)
Play one of your own music tracks while playing the game.

Bielementium (10)
Discover the second group of elements.

Trielementium (10)
Discover the third group of elements.

Quadelementium (10)
Discover the fourth group of elements.

Pentelementium (10)
Discover the fifth group of elements.

Awesomium (10)
Be awarded all 240 original Atoms in Discovery Mode from groups 1 to 5.




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