Activision Announces NASCAR Unleashed

1 09 2011

Unlike the former NASCAR titles, this current work in progress will adventure into the arcade-like fun style of gaming. Being a huge fan of the NASCAR games and of the sport itself, well I’m not too pleased if this is the direction they are going to go with the franchise. The cars boast a unique body shape. It most certainly is not the regulation of an official chassis, but it looks like they weren’t going for that. The game will feature some NASCAR tracks, but will also feature the surrounding streets and features around the track! Only 15 actual drivers will be featured in the game. Which leaves out 28 of the other drivers who show up at the track every Sunday. I’m hoping it’s just as fun as other arcade racers like Mario Kart for instance, but something tells me it will lack the charm. NASCAR Unleashed is set to release this fall.

External image

Well, I’m hoping that the predecessor for NASCAR the Game 2011 is in the works.

More Screenshots!

External image

External image




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