Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City coming to us this winter (or summer in the Southern Hemisphere)

5 09 2011

Yes, you will be facing hordes of zombies and majinis yet again. This time, you are cast back in the timeline to when the T-Virus outbreak just occurred somewhere between RE3 and RE4 in Raccoon City. Now here is the interesting part: you won’t be playing as the US special ops, the S.T.A.R or the BSAA. That’s right, you will be playing as an operative employed by the all evil Umbrella Corp. The mission? Erase all traces of evidence that points the finger at Umbrella. You will be battling not just the wrath of hungry zombies, but also the US special forces who have been on your heels ever since the outbreak.

Some new features have been added to this instalment of the series. You will be able to melee while doing a 360-degree full turn, instantly draw out your sidearm when reloading your shotgun just takes too long with that zombie showing its teeth right in your face, and acquire the ability to gain experience and level up to unlock customizable upgrades for your weapons. You will also be playing as one of the four operatives including Four Eyes, a ruthless scientist-assassin who is capable of mind-controlling the different types of the infected through a special type of dart.

When: Q4, 2011

Available on: All three major gaming platforms.

Game trailer:




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