Max Payne 3 Announcements

8 09 2011

Rockstar has made a few announcements about their upcoming title, Max Payne 3. Firstly, The Max Payne story will pick up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a new job working for a security firm. However, things take a terrible turn. The clients he was hired to protect is taken under his watch. He must find them and kill their captors to clear his name. Secondly, the game is slated for a March release in 2012.

Also, Max Payne will be introducing multiplayer. After all what game that expects itself to sell doesn’t have multiplayer? You will be able to dynamically alter maps during play. I assume this means you are going to be able to blow a lot of stuff up. You will also be able to join together with your friends in level and clan progression.




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