Gearbox Wants To Know…What Do You Want In The Borderlands 2 Collecters Edition?

9 09 2011

Gearbox never ceases to amaze me. I never thought Borderlands would ever amount to anything. Was I ever wrong. It is by far my favorite co-op experience t0-date.  But on the the purpose of this post…Gearbox wants to know what YOU, the people that buy their games, want in the Borderlands 2 Collectors Edition.  Please people, be realistic…don’t go posting irrational stuff (like real guns).  Those people just look like idiots.

Click here to post your dream collectors edition for Borderlands 2. 

Also, there is a fairly short survey about the first game that Gearbox would like you to give feedback on.  I’m guessing so they know what features most people enjoyed and what not to cut from Borderlands 2.

Click here for the survey for Borderlands.




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