[ACHIEVEMENTS] Kinect Sports: Season 2

15 09 2011

Kinect Sports: Season 2 [50 Achievements/1,000 Gamerscore]

(Achievement Could Contain Spoilers)

Birds Eye View (20)
View a golf hole using the ‘hole preview’ gesture when playing golf

Tee and in (20)
Hit the ball in the hole from the tee off for a hole in one when playing golf

Spin And In (20)
Make the ball roll around the rim of the hole and in when playing golf

Bunker Beater (20)
Hit the ball into the hole straight out of a sand bunker when playing golf

Putting Perfection (20)
Putt the ball in from over 40 yards on Lighthouse Bay when playing golf

Pitching for Points (25)
Score more than 50 points in Ocean Driver

Below Par Star! (25)
Play the full nine holes of Maple Lake and finish under par

Return Master (20)
Score a point using the ‘power’ shot technique when playing tennis

Ace-Tastic (20)
Hit your 1st ‘Ace’ serve when playing tennis

Not so Ace! (20)
Score a return point from an incoming perfect serve when playing tennis

You cannot be serious (20)
Win your first “objection” scenario when playing tennis

You’re the judge, I’m the jury (20)
Hit a line judge with the tennis ball when playing tennis

Smashing Service (25)
Score more than 90 points in Smash Alley

Smash Shot Star! (25)
Win five points on smash shots when playing tennis (cumulative)

Maximum Checkout (20)
Score 170 (triple-20, triple-20, bull’s eye) to end a game of darts

Nine Darter (20)
Complete a game of darts with a nine-dart checkout.

Bull’s Eye Bonanza (20)
Hit the bull’s eye three times in one turn (three darts) when playing darts

Ton 80 (20)
Score 180 (3 triple-20s) in one turn when playing darts

Shanghai (20)
Hit a single, double and triple of the same number when playing darts

Balloon Buster (25)
Score more than 25 points in Pop Darts

180 Star! (25)
Hit ten 180s when playing darts (cumulative)

Grand Slam (20)
Hit a home run with the bases loaded when playing baseball

Ace Pitcher (20)
Use all pitching techniques and speeds when playing baseball

Home Runs for Fun (20)
Score 5 home runs in a single game when playing baseball

Bobble and Out (20)
Catch a bobbled ball when playing baseball

Read the Signs (20)
Match the catcher’s signal when pitching a ball when playing baseball

Out of the Park (25)
Score more than 2500 points in Home Run Hero

Slugger Star! (25)
Hit the ball 5000 feet when playing baseball (cumulative score)

All… The… Way (20)
Score a touchdown on a kick return when playing Football

Long Bomb (20)
Score a touchdown with a 60+ yard passing play when playing football

Game Winning Field Goal (20)
Win a game of Football on a field goal

Calling the Shot (20)
Complete a pass after calling an audible when playing Football

Far Out Field Goal (20)
Score a field goal with at least 40 yards to go when playing Football

One and Done (20)
Score a touchdown on your 1st down when playing football

Running Star! (25)
Run 1000 yards when playing Football (cumulative score )

Perfect Race (20)
Race a perfect race (don’t miss any gates) on both ski runs when playing Skiing

Go! Go! Go! (20)
Perform a perfect start out of the starting gate when playing Skiing

Big Air (20)
Perform a perfect jump on any ski run when playing Skiing

Maximum Velocity (20)
Go fast by holding the tuck position for at least 10 seconds when playing Skiing

Peak Perfection (20)
Race a perfect race on all three hills at Sunny Peaks

What Obstacles? (25)
Score more than 50 points in Downhill Dodge

Perfect Race Star! (25)
Complete six perfect races when playing skiing (cumulative score)

Rickrolled (10)
Have your first motivational song play when playing Kinect Sports: Season Two

Crowd Control (5)
Avateer to work the crowd up into a frenzy in any sport

Let the games commence (5)
Play any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time

Victory! (5)
Win any sport on Kinect Sports: Season Two for the first time

Kinect Sports-a-thon (25)
Play Kinect Sports: Season Two for more than 2 hours (cumulative time)

Challenge Squashed (25)
Beat your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two

Challenge Challenger (25)
Send out your first challenge in Kinect Sports: Season Two

You did it for the Fans! (5)
Earn your 1st group of Fans by playing Kinect Sports: Season Two




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