Project Draco Kinecting To XBLA In 2012

15 09 2011

Previously thought to be an actual retail title, Project Draco is now confirmed to be a Xbox Live Arcade title and it will be hitting Xbox Live sometime in 2012.


In Project Draco you are in charge of taking care of your virtual dragon pet.  For combat, you use your right hand to lock onto enemies while the left hand does the more powerful attacks from your dragon.

Movement of your dragon is a lot like if you were riding a real one.  Leaning to the left makes it go left, leaning back goes up, etc.  After missions you are able to customize and feed your dragon.  Not to mention there is an online co-op mode where you can play with up to 3 of your friends.

Project Draco sounds really cool.  This definately won’t be any worse than the Fantastic Pets game that is out for Kinect on Xbox 360. 

For more, check out this trailer:




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