Avengers Game Cancelled By THQ: Pre-Alpha Footage

18 09 2011

UPDATE 9/21/2011:  Here’s a more recent update as to what is going on with the Avengers game.  Just click here!

UPDATE: It appears that THQ pulled the video.  For now, there is another one out there that we posted.  Hopefully this means this game is still in production.  Why else would they pull Pre-Alpha video builds?

Okay, so I’m posting this in attempt for THQ to hopefully move this game to another one of their studios.  You want to know what this game looks like?  Borderlands – Marvel style.  Someone really needs to pick this up and finish what they started because this looked amazing.  Not to mention it obviously has 4 player co-op.  WHY WHY WHY!?! 

So please, if you have any interest in this at all, spread the word!




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20 09 2011
The Avengers Game Still Coming Out? « Things That Go [BLEEP]!

[…] We previously reported that The Avengers game by THQ was canned.  Before you get too excited this does NOT mean that the above footage will in fact be the game created.  This is because all rights to this game have reverted back to Marvel Comics. […]

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