19 09 2011

Rotastic [12 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Diamond necklace (15)
Get 5 diamond helmets in campaign mode

The Hero’s Debut (5)
Complete 5 levels in campaign mode

Aspiring Hero (5)
Unlock access to World 3 in campaign mode

Simply Rotastic (5)
Do the Rotastic trick

This is No Lifestic! (50)
Get all gold helmets in campaign mode

The Jeweler (10)
Collect 5,000 jewels

The Butcher (20)
Kill 10 enemies in a row without losing a life during a multiplayer game

The Socialite (15)
Play 20 multiplayer games

Mini copper (30)
Get all copper helmets in campaign mode

Hero on the Rise (10)
Unlock access to World 5 in campaign mode

A New King is Crowned (25)
Unlock access to World 7 in campaign mode

The Ninja (10)
Kill 3 enemies in 4 seconds in a multiplayer game




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19 09 2011
[XBLA RELEASES] September 21st, 2011 « Things That Go [BLEEP]!

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