What Is X-COM? Watch This Dev Diary

23 09 2011

It’s been almost 13 years since a new X-COM game came out.  Not to mention 17 years since the first one came out DOS.  Most gamers probably won’t even remember these games (I’m one of those).  So when I read in OXM a few months back that a new X-COM was coming out I didn’t have the first clue what they were talking about.

This new X-COM game, in ways, strays away from the original games such as it’s now a first person shooter instead of the strategy/simulation.  But fear not, many of the series elements will continue on in this new X-COM: such as controlling a team & the fictional energy source called Elerium will make it’s return.

It is being developed by 2K Marin which had it’s hand in Bioshock 2.  Although Bioshock 2 didn’t receive as much glory as it’s predecessor (how could you top Bioshock anyways) I expect this game is in good hands.

So what do you all think about X-COM? 

X-COM is expected to release March 6th, 2012.




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