[REVIEW] Dead Island

24 09 2011

Welcome to the island of Banoi…living population: endangered species. The zombie apocalypse has taken over this island and you have to find a way to get off it. Whether you you play by yourself or are joined by up to three more friends, this is going to be hell. This is Dead Island.

Dead Island is rated “M” for Mature. It is developed by Techland (Poland) and is published by Deep Silver.

You start the game off as one of four characters. Sam B the rapper, who serves as your tank/blunt weapon expert. Purna the ex-police officer turned mercenary, who is your gun specialist. Logan Carter the ex-football superstar, who is your “throwing specialist”. Lastly Xian Mei who is an undercover spy, she is your assassin/sharp specialist. No matter which of the four characters you pick, surviving Dead Island will be no walk in the park. Especially not alone.

Despite it’s flaws, at the core of Dead Island is an amazing shooter/rpg game just waiting to burst out and eat you alive. As much as I hate comparing games, Dead Island heavily borrows from the winning formula of Gearbox’s’ Borderlands. Which really isn’t a bad thing.

The areas on the island of Banoi are pretty large. There are several nooks and holes to explore to find chests, collectibles, and components. Throughout these areas you will find quests from all sorts of people. The quests vary from finding medicine, killing a loved ones family because they turned zombie, or even finding a lost teddy bear. You know, the kinds of thinks you expect from a zombie apocalypse. You spend a lot of your time roaming around trying to find better weapons to keep the undead at bay and repairing your weapons.

While you’re not repairing your weapons, you’re out there zombie-slaying. I must say that zombie-slaying never looked so good. A lot of detail went into these zombies so when you cut of an arm, head, or leg you can actually see what it’s supposed to look like. My favorite has the be the suiciders when they blow up and leave pretty much nothing but a skull and spinal column.

While I did notice that there are numerous occasions that some of the voice acting was done by the same person it didn’t really do anything to take away from the game for me. Is it annoying, yes. But that’s something that I can overlook. The cutscenes bother me worse than anything. Horrible lip-syncing really bothers me, in any game. Not to mention some of the characters (Xian) look completely cross-eyed. Other than that, the guns sounds fluid and the zombies are moaning along like they should.

The storyline is somewhat weak, but they attempt to fill that void by giving you collectibles to find that will give you a somewhat better idea as to what is going on. These collectibles include Banoi facts and recordings of a guy who has traveled to the island trying to find out what is going on. There’s not really much more storytelling than that besides some of the quests that want to you put the picture together for yourself.

The achievement list is pretty standard. There is nothing truly inspiring or really boring about it either. You would think that the collectibles achievement would have been a pain, but seeing how each character’s collectible total is cumulative that’s not any issue that most people should have. I do like that they make you get to the end of Act 1 with each character. It forces players to do something that normally they wouldn’t. Most would just pick one character and go through the game, but not now..not if you’re an achievement hunter.

So Dead Island isn’t going to win any Game of the Year awards but it is a solid title. It would be even better if Techland could fix some of these glitches. I personally had the glitch where my save file would not load which I was not happy about. They got all the big things right if they could just fix the little things Dead Island would have been perfect instead of just awesome.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
Sound: 7.5 /10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Achievements: 8/10

Final Rating: 8/10




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30 09 2011
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