Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena Delayed Due To Glitches

30 09 2011

A nice move by Techland, in my opinion, for delaying the upcoming Bloodbath Arena DLC due to some game killing glitches. I personally experienced the “auto save glitch” when I was 89% through with the campaign and it locked up my save file.  So props to them for wanting to fix the glitches first before trying to take our money with DLC (unless of course you got the free code for the DLC…).

Posting on their Facebook page, this is what the developer had to say:

“We are working hard to make the Bloodbath Arena DLC available as soon as possible. However, due to further polishing of the main game the finalisation of the DLC code has been delayed.

“We know that many fans are eagerly waiting for it and apologise for any inconvenience.”

Techland is expected to announce a new release date next week for the Bloodbath Arena DLC.

While you’re waiting, click here to read our review of Dead Island!




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10 10 2011
Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena DLC Coming Mid-November « Things That Go [BLEEP]!

[…] We reported earlier this month that the Dead Island DLC – Bloodbath Arena was being delayed to a later date because, props to Techland, they wanted to fix the  game-breaking glitches in their game first. […]

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