[REVIEW] X-Men Destiny

26 10 2011

Silicon Knights, developer of Too Human, takes their shot at the iconic X-Men franchise. After Silicon Knight’s modest attempt with their Too Human game I was optimistic if not a bit wary about X-Men Destiny as well. Is this the X-Men game that everyone has been longing for on this generation of consoles? Or will this game simply be placed into that other category.

X-Men Destiny is rated “T” for Teen.

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Minecraft Coming EXCLUSIVELY To XBLA In 2012

24 10 2011


For those of you who followed E3 this year, you all know that Minecraft was announced with no release date or what platforms it would find it’s way onto (save for Xbox 360).   Well it was announced today via Twitter that Minecraft will be coming exclusively to Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.

Look for Minecraft on XBLA Spring 2012.

What is Minecraft you ask?  Just watch this video below:

[XBOX LIVE ARCADE] October 26th, 2011

24 10 2011

This week sees the release of three different XBLA games, which ones will you all be picking up?  War of the Worlds looks pretty interesting…

War of the Worlds – 800 MSP

The War of the Worlds is a dark and breathtaking new vision of the classic H.G. Wells novel, retold as a 2D side-scrolling platformer and narrated by the acclaimed actor Patrick Stewart.

Daytona USA – 800 MSP

The re-release of Daytona USA features:

-Fresh Oil and a New Coat of Paint: Experience the classic retro graphics of the original arcade hit in an enhanced,16:9 widescreen format
-Let’s Go Away: Relive your glory days of racing to the sounds of the original Daytona® USA soundtrack, also available in Karaoke Mode (admit it, you know you have been singing along anyway)
-Pedal to the Metal: Drive like a pro with included support for the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel controller on PS3™, and all Xbox 360-supported steering wheel controllers
-Reach the Winner’s Circle: Challenge AI opponents in Arcade Mode, race the clock in Survival and Time Trial Modes, and trade paint with up to eight players in online multiplayer to place on the worldwide leaderboard


Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone – 800 MSP

Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival – and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats – the four must find a way off the island… together.

Kinect Year 1 Anniversary Sale

24 10 2011

November 4th marks the one year anniversary of Kinect being released.  To celebrate, Microsoft and its’ partners have put loads of stuff on sale for Kinect.

Kinect Fun Labs: Air Band 240 MSP FREE

Game Add-ons
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Toned Body 320 MSP 160 MSP
Carnival Games – Monkey Dancin’ Pack 400 MSP 200 MSP
Kinect Sports – Calorie Challenge Pack 320 MSP 160 MSP

Dance-Central Tracks*
Dance Pack 1 – 960 MSP 640 MSP
Dance Pack 2 – 960 MSP 640 MSP
Dance Pack 3 – 960 MSP 640 MSP
Dance Pack 4 – 960 MSP 640 MSP
Dance Pack 5 – 720 MSP 480 MSP
Dance Pack 6 – 1440 MSP 960 MSP
Dance Pack 7 – 1440 MSP 960 MSP
Marathon Pack 1 – 3360 MSP 1400 MSP
Marathon Pack 2 – 3600 MSP 1500 MSP
“I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas – 240 MSP 160 MSP

* Tracks Compatible with both Dance Central and Dance Central 2 games

This sale will last through November 5th.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

22 10 2011

Modern Warfare 3 ships November 8th 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  Will you be picking up COD: MW3 or Battlefield 3 this year? Or both?

[ROCK BAND DLC] October 18th, 2011

17 10 2011

Here is your weekly Rock Band DLC for October 18th, 2011.


Coldplay Collection 01 – 800 Microsoft Points (160 Microsoft Points each. X = 80 Microsoft Points per track for a Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade)

  • Coldplay – “Yellow” X
  • Coldplay – “The Scientist”
  • Coldplay – “Clocks” X
  • Coldplay – “Fix You”
  • Coldplay – “Viva la Vida”
  • Coldplay – “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”

Here Comes The Men In Black

17 10 2011

Activision & Columbia Pictures have teamed up to release a game alongside the new Men In Black III movie next spring.  It is unconfirmed as of now if you will be playing as Agent K or Agent J, but it seems unlikely they will go in that direction.

“The Men in Black franchise is an unbeatable starting point to deliver a genre-bending gaming experience with a level of production value on par with Hollywood,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision.

Mark Caplan, Vice President of Licensing at Sony Pictures Entertainment, stated, “With Activision bringing the Men in Black universe to life on next gen consoles for the first time, the Men in Black video game will be both familiar to fans, an exciting beginning for the uninitiated, and revolutionary for the franchise.”

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Let’s hope that Men In Black: Alien Warfare doesn’t Neuralyze us and…wait…what were we talking about?

Look for Men In Black to release sometime in Spring 2012.