[ACHIEVEMENTS] Assassin’s Creed (WP7)

2 10 2011

Assassin’s Creed WP7 [19 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

First Blood (10)
Kill 1 enemy

Assassin’s Instinct (10)
Kill an enemy instantly using a Finger Blade

Berserker (10)
Kill all enemies in level 1

Apprentice Assassin (10)
Complete Memory block 1

Light Steps (10)
Perform triple jump

Weapon Master (10)
Sword maximum upgrade

Combo Addict (10)
Perform all combos

Acrobatics (10)
Complete Memory block 2

Underground Walker (10)
Complete Memory block 3

Trouble Maker (10)
Complete Memory block 4

The Survival (10)
Complete Memory block 7

Crusaders Nightmare (10)
Complete Memory block 9

Shadow Dancer (10)
Complete Memory block 12

Assassins Chronicle (10)
Complete the game

Explosion Master (15)
Kill 5 enemies using an explosive bomb

Dagger Master (10)
Kill 5 enemies by throwing daggers

Wraiths Finger (10)
Kill 5 enemies using a Finger Blade

Sniper (10)
Kill 5 enemies using a Crossbow

Combat Genius (15)
Complete level 13 without losing any hit points




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