[REVIEW] X-Men Destiny

26 10 2011

Silicon Knights, developer of Too Human, takes their shot at the iconic X-Men franchise. After Silicon Knight’s modest attempt with their Too Human game I was optimistic if not a bit wary about X-Men Destiny as well. Is this the X-Men game that everyone has been longing for on this generation of consoles? Or will this game simply be placed into that other category.

X-Men Destiny is rated “T” for Teen.

You start out Destiny by picking one of three characters. Aimi Yoshida who is from Fuji City, Japan. Grant Alexander who is an aspiring college football player. Adrian Luca who is your typical angst teenager. After picking one of these three characters your presented with one of three powers to choose from: Density Control, Energy Projection, and Shadow Matter.

Throughout your journey in Destiny you get the chance to fight alongside numerous of recognizable characters. Wolverine (obviously), Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and numerous other X-Men/Brotherhood members. The early preception of this game was centered around you making your own “destiny”. For a game that makes these claims it falls horrendously short. In fact, none of the choices you make throughout this game even really matter with the exception of picking your character, your power, and very near the end of the game you pick who you want to ally with.

You can literally go through most of the game picking X-Men missions only to pick the Brotherhood when you want to make the choice who you want to ally with. This, to me, is extremely disappointing. I get Silicon Knights wanted to give you the freedom to make the choices you want to make, but it doesn’t make sense when at the end of the game it doesn’t even matter.

The combat is fairly basic and doesn’t require a lot of detail. If you like button mashing, this is your game. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the combat, because it was really fun. It did get tiring fighting the same enemies over and over due to the lack of variety, but in the end it really didn’t take away from the overall experience. When you get to set points in the game it forces you to pick between one of two powers. These choices vary between what power you started the game off with.

With that in mind, this game at it’s heart is an action-rpg. Therefore, you kill bad guys, you get experience. With that experience you can level up your powers and your costumes, which to me was a really cool feature. There are numerous costumes that you can collect throughout your very linear journey that all give you different attributes. These attributes are tied to the character whom they represent. Such as if you find Wolverines costume you can get regenerative abilities, which comes in handy. Even further, you can level up these costumes to give you increased attack, extra health, and numerous other helpful effects. This is definately one of the areas where this game shines.

The voice acting is superb. The people who lend their voices to this game did a great job at making the characters believable with natural dialogue. Gambit, for example, had the accent he should have, which is what a lot of games tend to miss…especially to us comic book purists. I give Silicon Knights props for being true to the characters. On the graphics side of this game, it’s nothing amazing. But, it’s not horrible either. I think it could’ve been polished up a bit but it didn’t take away from me enjoying the game.

The achievements in this game are a breeze. There is really nothing in this list that most average gamers can not achieve in a maximum of 10-12 hours of playing. I like that Silicon Knights gave both sides the achievements making you trek the this very short game twice to get the perspective of both sides. Other than that, it’s a pretty basic achievement list.

In the end, X-Men Destiny doesn’t fulfill what it said it would do. Giving you choices that make a difference in the game. Even though they fail to deliver on that, X-Men Destiny, at it’s core, is not a bad game. Just a really short and maybe a little to much linear. I paid the full price for this game because I do that with any Marvel Comics game. That is not what I suggest you all do. Wait for a price drop. I think $20 to $25 is a great value for this game. It could’ve been better, but it could’ve been a lot worse too.

Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 6.5/10
Sound: 8/10
Graphics: 5/10
Achievements: 5/10

Final Rating: 6.1/10




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