20 11 2011

Breeze (WP7) [10 Achievements/50 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

I pressed the Red Button! (5)
Use an air-brake to slow the flower.

Apprentice (5)
Reached level 5 in any game mode.

Adept (5)
Reached level 20 in any game mode.

Artisan (5)
Reached level 35 in any game mode.

High speed flower (5)
Flower reached terminal velocity.

Spark of sunlight (5)
Picked up a single sunshine orb.

Ray of sunlight (5)
Picked up 100 sunshine orbs (in any single session).

Do flowers really explode? (5)
Died 20 times in any single session.

There is no cow level! (5)
Found the secret level.

Master (5)
Completed the game in any mode.




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