[ACHIEVEMENTS] Bubble Town 2 (WP7)

20 11 2011

Bubble Town 2 (WP7) [15 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Bubble-licious (10)
Detaches 14+ borbs/lumps using the plunger power up

Canny Cannon (20)
The player must attain a score of 15,000 inside a single level.

Day of the Tentacle (20)
Defeat Sandy Squid

Dead Eye (10)
Hit the eye evey time when open without missing

Fuzz-tastic (20)
The player must gain 200 fuzzballs

Houston, we have a… (20)
Defeat the Lumpress in her final state.

In It To Win It (20)
The player must reach a score of 150,000

Ousting the General (10)
Defeat the Lump General

Rock Lob-ster! (10)
Match any borbs using the lob cannon

Soap and Glory (10)
The player must match 3 borbs after having banked off of 3 walls, with a single shot.

Soaped-Up (5)
Awarded when player has used all the power-ups

Take it to the Bank’ (10)
Complete any level using bank shots.

Terminated (20)
Defeat the cyber lump

To infinity and beyond (5)
Awarded when the player reaches the first space level.

Transport Traffic (10)
Fire a borb and make a match through the whirlpool or black hole.




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