20 11 2011

Doodle God (WP7) [18 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Good Start (5)
6 elements created

Creator of Diversity (5)
10 groups created

Creator of Life (5)
Life created

Creator of Humanity (5)
Human created

God of Fun (5)
Games created

Deity of Darkn

ess (5)
All Bad Things created

Practice Makes Perfect (5)
Element created 3 or more times

Similar to Similar (5)
Similar elements reacted

Creator of Civilization (10)
Episode One passed

Creator of Technology (10)
Episode Two passed

Creator of Modernity (10)
Episode Three passed

Creator of Magic (10)
Episode Four passed

Half the Kingdom (10)
Save the Princess quest passed

Honorable Santa (10)
Run, Santa, run quest completed

Heavenly Virtues (10)
Sins vs. Virtues quest completed

Y2K Ready (20)
Greatest Inventions quest completed

Brilliant Inventor (30)
Episode One passed without hints

Master of the Worlds (40)
All episodes passed without hints




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