Xbox Live Marketplace Welcomes Back: TotemBall (For Free!)

20 11 2011

Delisted back in August 2010, Totemball just vanished without a rhyme or reason as to it’s disappearance.  Just as oddly as it had vanished it has now re-appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  For how long?  Who knows, so get it while you can.  I also want to point out that this game does require the Xbox Live Vision Camera (and NO, your Kinect will not work with it…sorry).

Here’s a little about Totemball:

Single Player, Local Multiplayer 1-2, HD (High Definition), Xbox Live Vision Camera Required. The Ptolmec tribe needs your help! Guide Pterry the Pturtle through his jungle home. Use your Xbox Live™ Vision camera to navigate across islands, over bridges, and through ancient ruins. Your goal: collect the missing musical totems and bring the music back to the Ptolmec Pinball Party! Try TotemBall today. Download the full game now for FREE! This title requires Xbox Live Vision Camera.

You can download Totemball by clicking here and adding it to your queue.




2 responses

20 11 2011

a Xbox Live Vision Camera? never heard of it!.. must have been a really short-lived marketing flop.

20 11 2011

Well, both of the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six games require it for an achievement. You have to scan your face in for that game. I think there’s a couple of Tiger Woods games that support it as well..I’m wanting to say ’08 for sure.

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