[ACHIEVEMENTS] Full House Poker (WP7)

26 11 2011

Full House Poker (WP7) [20 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Big Dog (10)
Win a tournament.

Bucket List #12,471 (10)
Complete a tournament game of Full House Poker.

Cardrack (10)
Win two consecutive hands in the showdown.

Ding! Double Digits! (10)
Level up to 10.

Ding! Grats! (5)
Level up to 2.

Ding! Top Dog! (20)
Level up to 50.

Gone Fishing (10)
Win a showdown with a hand you made on the river.

Headshot (10)
Bust another player in a tournament.

Hero Call (10)
Call, raise, or go all in on a bet of half the pot or greater and then win the showdown.

I Hate ATM Fees (5)
Play 50 hands in a row without taking a cash advance.

Mile High Club (5)
Won a hand with suited King-Queen hole cards.

Pay the Mortgage (10)
Take a pot equal to twice the starting chips or greater.

Player of the Century (10)
Play 100 hands.

Pull the Trigger (10)
Bet or raise on every street in a hand and then win the showdown.

Rollin’ (10)
Earn a bankroll of at least 500,000 chips.

Sandbagger (10)
Do not bet or raise for at least one entire street in a hand and then win the showdown.

Stylish Host (5)
Start a game with customized table and card styles.

The Final Table (20)
Win the Pro Tournament.

Took Down a Pro (10)
Win a Pro Takedown.

You’re Not the Boss of Me (10)
Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown.




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