Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Video

28 01 2012

Mass Effect, the great single player franchise has just been thrown a curveball.  I’m assuming through the nudge of EA.  Let’s just say that when I heard that multiplayer was coming to the Mass Effect franchise, I was far from pleased.

I expected them to make a basic multiplayer versus playlist like all other games.  Then I read that the multiplayer was in fact cooperative missions.  So then I went on to think that they’re just taking what Epic Games and others have done and just implemented it into the game.

Not so.

Though not a lot of details have been announced on how this multiplayer will actually affect the single player campaign, it is known that it does help boost Shepards’ “Galactic Readiness” which consists of gathering people, resources, weapons, armies and fleets through a variety of platforms and interfaces.




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