[ACHIEVEMENTS] Crimson Dragon

22 04 2012

Crimson Dragon [20 Achievements/400 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Mission Accomplished (30)
Completed every mission.

Seeker of Truth (30)
Obtained the Extas Bullet skill.

Ultimate Priest (30)
Healed allies 20 times total in co-op mode.

Perfect Harmony (20)
Achieved a 100% kill rate in co-op mode.

Newbie Helper (10)
Completed a mission with a player who had not completed that mission.

First Contact (20)
Completed a mission with an unknown player.

Dragon Slayer (20)
Defeated White Phantom and got the White Phantom Core.

The Undertaker (20)
Defeated Megazondaat-G and got the Megazondaat-G Spinal Cords.

William Tell (20)
Defeated Caiman-E and got the Caiman-E Oscillator.

Insect Killer (20)
Defeated Baobab-O and got the Baobab-O Core.

Labyrinth Runner (20)
Defeated Eel-K and got the Eel-K Capacitor Organ.

Genius Pilot (20)
Recovered a total of 500 markers.

Dragon Breeder (20)
One of your dragons learned 30 skills.

New Partner (20)
You got the second dragon.

Eureka! (10)
Your dragon learned a new skill for the first time.

Iron Defenses (20)
Erased more than 20 enemy bullets in a mission.

Bomber (10)
Defeated 10 or more enemies with one action skill.

One Step Towards Veteran (10)
Got a Rank S for one of the missions.

Freshman Researcher (10)
Destroyed the Vespin hive during training.

Secret Achievements

Secret Achievement (40)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.




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