[WP7 Releases] May 2nd, 2012

1 05 2012

I’m not sure if someone new has taken over the release schedule for the Windows Phone games, but they sure have been on time for the last few weeks.  This week is no exception as Pac-Man Kart Rally hits the Windows Phone.

For the first time in history of Xbox Live games on the WP7 it will feature mulitplayer through a Wi-Fi connection (pretty much meaning that you have to have a buddy close by).  Fortunately or unfortunately, it does have an achievement that requires you to win 50 races in multiplayer.  So you and your buddy are going have to swap 100 races to obtain this achievement.

Pac-Man Kart Rally boasts 10 characters and 13 different race tracks for you pleasure.  These characters include:

Pac-Man characters:

Katamari characters:
The Prince

Dig Dug/Mr. Driller characters:
Hori Taizo
Hori Susumu

 Galaga character:

You can probably already find Pac-Man Kart Rally on the marketplace already, but you will have to search for it as it’s not showing up under the Xbox Live games tab.




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