[ACHIEVEVEMENTS] Harry Potter For Kinect

21 08 2012

Harry Potter For Kinect [50 Achievements/1000 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Potions Pro [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Potions Class

Charms Champion [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Charms Class

Troll Trouncer [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Troll Battle

Superb Seeker [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match – Seeker

Quirrell Quasher [15]
Ranked 5 stars in The Philosopher’s Stone Chamber

Pixie Pesterer [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Cornish Pixies

Greenhouse Guru [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Mandrake Repotting

Definitive Dueller [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Duelling Club

Basilisk Basher [15]
Ranked 5 stars in The Chamber Of Secrets

Willow Whiz [15]
Ranked 5 stars in The Whomping Willow

Rat Remover [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Catch Scabbers

Dementor Defeater [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Battle The Dementors

Stellar Swimmer [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Second Task

Maze Master [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Third Task

Hangleton Hero [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Harry vs Voldemort Duel

D.A. Defender [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Room of Requirement

Veil Room Victor [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Ministry of Magic Death Eater Battle

Ministry Maestro [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Dumbledore vs Voldemort Duel

Quality Keeper [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match – Keeper

Inferi Interceptor [15]
Ranked 5 stars in The Locket Horcrux

Potter Precluder [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Snape vs Harry Duel

Café Contender [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Luchino Caffe Duel

Vault Voyager [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Journey to the Lestrange Vault

Bridge Bester [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Destroy the Bridge

Snake Slayer [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Nagini Battle

Voldemort Vanquisher [15]
Ranked 5 stars in Voldemort Finale

Casual Conqueror [15]
Completed the Casual Difficulty Mode

Advanced Ace [50]
Completed the Advanced Difficulty Mode

Year One [20]
Completed Year 1

Year Two [20]
Completed Year 2

Year Three [20]
Completed Year 3

Year Four [20]
Completed Year 4

Year Five [20]
Completed Year 5

Year Six [20]
Completed Year 6

Year Seven [20]
Completed Year 7

Star Collector [30]
Ranked 5 stars in all games

Challenge Mode Casual [15]
Completed the Casual Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode Advanced [30]
Completed the Advanced Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode Extreme [50]
Completed the Extreme Challenge Mode

Character Collector [50]
Unlocked all playable characters

Duelling Demon [30]
Won all blackboard duelling groups

Potion Perfectionist [40]
Completed all blackboard potions classes

Super Spell-caster [15]
Practised all blackboard spells

Multiplayer Master [10]
Played all multiplayer games

Daring Dodger [30]
Won all blackboard dodging games

Song Specialist [10]
Listened to all the Sorting Hat’s songs

Burning Day Bystander [10]
Saw Fawkes burst into flames

Duelling Dervish [25]
Defeated all possible opponents in blackboard duels

Ultimate Unlocker [50]
Unlocked all blackboard games

Familiar Face [10]
Scanned your face




One response

1 03 2013

So they took out their fire arms, and the suspect was shot in the foot.
Toddlers have no sympathy for any living creature.
Tremedous feats of bravery, heart-pounding Quidditch matches,
soul-sucking dementors, back stabbing-murder, triumph, disappointment, plot turns around every corner.

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