Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Trailer

24 08 2012

Mass Effect 3’s single player story continues next week as Bioware is releasing the Leviathan DLC. For those of you unfamiliar with the DLC, check out this trailer.

I’d like to see some more single player DLC, even after this one. There have been plenty of multiplayer packs releases, so Bioware let’s get to the core of what Mass Effect was originally about – the single player.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan will arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace August 28th (Tuesday), 2012 for 800 MSP. Will you be buying?


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Announced: Dawnguard

1 05 2012

I’ve gotta to say that, I don’t know about you guys, I just love announcements for announcements dont you?  So today, Bethesda announced that is indeed working on new Skyrim downloadable content.  It’s called: Dawnguard.  Now as to when it will be out you wonder?  Well Bethesda had to say this, “Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.”

You just gotta love it…but they were nice enough to leave us this teaser image below!

[XBLA] Wednesday – May 2nd, 2012

1 05 2012

This week sees the release of the third Arcade NEXT games: Fable Heroes.  Not only do we get that game this week, but we also get Awesomenauts as well, despite the financial trouble that the publisher, dtp, is having.

Fable Heroes
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Price: 800 MSP

Fable Heroes is a fresh spin on the beloved Fable franchise in which up to four players play both cooperatively and competitively in this hack-and-slash adventure. Work together as heroes of Albion to defeat familiar foes and new enemies while collecting as many gold coins as possible to unlock upgrades, characters, and items in both this game and Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360.

Developer: Ronimo Games
Publisher: dtp entertainment
Price: 800 MSP

It’s the year 3587; conflict spans the stars. Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. In their bid for galactic conquest they call upon the most powerful group of mercenaries in the universe: the Awesomenauts! Play as one of several Awesomenauts and storm the online arenas alone or with friends. Each Awesomenaut can be upgraded with their own unique items to suit different strategies. Expect new items and Awesomenauts to be added regularly! You like Awesomenauts? Also check out TNT Racers and Crazy Machines Elements.

XBLA Wednesday – April 24th, 2012

23 04 2012

This week sees another of the ARCADE NEXT titles released.  From the looks of it, if you liked the style of Viking: Battle For Asgard you will probably like this one as well.

Developer: Climax Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Price: 1200 MSP

With a brutal combat system, stunning art style, and a deeply compelling story, Bloodforge empowers you to slaughter hordes of demonic soldiers, deformed worshippers, and the gods themselves, using ferocious Rage Kills, devastating Rune attacks, and furious Weapon Combos. Help seal Crom’s fate – and the fate of the rest of the world – in this dark, visceral story of revenge, betrayal, and destiny.

Deep Black Episode 1
Developer: Biart Company
Publisher: 505 Games
Price: 800 MSP

A Sci-fi project featuring detailed, action-packed underwater combat which will introduce a new trend in the TPS genre. An Exciting game play that features the dynamic use of both environments for combats: land and underwater. An original multiplayer mode with underwater battles that offer the player a totally different and new experience! Players will descend the murky depths in pursuit of enemies armed with a selection of underwater equipment that range from a specialized suit with jet pack and integrated harpoon as well as other high tech equipment. With the majority of the game play taking place below the water’s surface, action-adventure fans will need to master new skills to fight hostile enemies and to infiltrate enemy bases. The story line takes place in the nearest future in a world of unsteadiness, chaos, espionage, terrorism and the desperate fight for world supremacy and possession of sophisticated biological weaponry.

So will you be picking up either of these titles this week?

January Gives Permanent Discounts Across Xbox Live

11 01 2012

Microsoft has recently reduced quite a bit of content for the month of January.  From Arcade, Add-ons, and Games On Demand.

Arcade Games

Aces of the Galaxy – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Commanders: Attack of the Genos – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Golf: Tee It Up! – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Sealife Safari – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Shrek-n-Roll – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Switchball – 800 MSP 400 MSP
Vigilante 8 Arcade – 800 MSP 400 MSP

Game Add-ons

Golf: Tee It Up! • “Golf: Tee It Up! Desert Course” – 320 MSP 160 MSP
Vigilante 8 Arcade • “Vigilante 8: Arcade High Octane Pack” – 320 MSP 160 MSP

Games on Demand – Prices Vary By Region

Far Cry 2
Meet the Robinsons
Saw 2: Flesh & Blood
Toy Story 3
Tron: Evolution

[XBL Deal Of The Week] November 15th, 2011

15 11 2011

UPDATE: Apparently the other three titles aren’t on sale this week, but next week.  So this week you only get Ms. Spolsion Man.

Here is this weeks XBL Deal of the Week.  A pretty nice selection of games for those of you whom haven’t purchased any of these yet.


• Ms. Splosion Man – 800 MSP 400 MSP

[XBOX LIVE ARCADE] October 26th, 2011

24 10 2011

This week sees the release of three different XBLA games, which ones will you all be picking up?  War of the Worlds looks pretty interesting…

War of the Worlds – 800 MSP

The War of the Worlds is a dark and breathtaking new vision of the classic H.G. Wells novel, retold as a 2D side-scrolling platformer and narrated by the acclaimed actor Patrick Stewart.

Daytona USA – 800 MSP

The re-release of Daytona USA features:

-Fresh Oil and a New Coat of Paint: Experience the classic retro graphics of the original arcade hit in an enhanced,16:9 widescreen format
-Let’s Go Away: Relive your glory days of racing to the sounds of the original Daytona® USA soundtrack, also available in Karaoke Mode (admit it, you know you have been singing along anyway)
-Pedal to the Metal: Drive like a pro with included support for the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel controller on PS3™, and all Xbox 360-supported steering wheel controllers
-Reach the Winner’s Circle: Challenge AI opponents in Arcade Mode, race the clock in Survival and Time Trial Modes, and trade paint with up to eight players in online multiplayer to place on the worldwide leaderboard


Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone – 800 MSP

Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival – and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats – the four must find a way off the island… together.