Borderlands 2 Profile: Maya

30 08 2012

I think that Maya could be one of the biggest suprises for Borderlands 2. Her Phaselock ability could potentially be a co-op player’s dream come true. Freezing your enemies in mid-air while all of your buddies light ’em up.

Gearbox has released Maya’s profile for Borderlands 2, check it out!

Borderlands 2 can’t get here quick enough for me, but you can expect it to hit stores September 18th, 2012.


28 08 2012

Dishonored [50 Achievements/1000 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Thief [20]
You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

Versatile [20]
You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

Ghost [30]
You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

Shadow [30]
You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

Mostly Flesh and Steel [50]
You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

Wall of Sparks [10]
You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light

Rogue [10]
You assassinated 10 unaware enemies

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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Trailer

24 08 2012

Mass Effect 3’s single player story continues next week as Bioware is releasing the Leviathan DLC. For those of you unfamiliar with the DLC, check out this trailer.

I’d like to see some more single player DLC, even after this one. There have been plenty of multiplayer packs releases, so Bioware let’s get to the core of what Mass Effect was originally about – the single player.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan will arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace August 28th (Tuesday), 2012 for 800 MSP. Will you be buying?

Stealthy Dishonored Trailer Sneaks In

23 08 2012

Just yesterday some new screenshots of Dishonored snuck in. Keeping up with the promotion of Dishonored is Arkhane Studios/Bethesda Softworks as they have not so quietly released a new trailer.

Dishonored is creeping into stores October 9th in North American and October 12th in Europe.

[ACHIEVEMENTS] Skylanders: Giants

23 08 2012

Skylanders: Giants [45 Achievements/1000 Gamerscore]

Achievements Could Contain Spoilers

Rumbletown Ranger [10]
Complete Chapter 3

Skystones Superstar [10]
Complete Chapter 4

Glacier Great [10]
Complete Chapter 5

Vault Victor [10]
Complete Chapter 6

Wilikin Winner [10]
Complete Chapter 7

Security Breacher [10]
Complete Chapter 8

King of the Castle [10]
Complete Chapter 9

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22 08 2012

Halo 4 [50 Achievements/1,000 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers) Source

Dawn [10]
Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty.

Requiem [10]
Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty.

Forerunner [10]
Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty.

Infinity [10]
Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty.

Reclaimer [10]
Complete Mission 5 on any difficulty.

Shutdown [10]
Complete Mission 6 on any difficulty.

Composer [10]
Complete Mission 7 on any difficulty.

Midnight [10]
Complete Mission 8 on any difficulty.

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WWE ’13 Video Reveals Full Roster

22 08 2012

Want to know if your favorite wrestler has made the cut in WWE ’13? Check out this video for the full roster!

So did your favorite make the cut? Anyone else you’d like to see featured in this years iteration of WWE?

WWE ’13 is set to be released on October 30th