[XBLA] March 07, 2012 – Are You Alive?

5 03 2012

This week sees the wrapup of the XBLA House Party.  For those of you who don’t know about that here is the deal.

1) Buy all four of the XBLA House Party Games before March 13th.

2) Alan Wake: American Nightmare, I Am Alive, Warp, & Nexuiz

3) If you buy all the above before March 13th, 2012 you will get 800 MSP refunded to you.

So, onto this weeks Xbox Live Arcade Game(s):

I Am Alive – 1200 MSP

One year after a worldwide cataclysmic event has wiped out most of human civilization, a man struggles for survival. Faced with an insecure, decaying, and hazardous world, he scours a desolated city, searching for his long lost wife and daughter. Survive the suffocating, murky streets covered in dust. Climb the teetering remains of the last standing skyscrapers to reach breathable air and find untouched resources. Explore the crumbling ruins of a once-thriving metropolis. And discover a changed human condition, punctuated by distrustful survivors, dangerous armed gangs, and victims in need.

So will you be purchasing all four of the House Party games or are you just getting certain ones?  Let us know below in the comments!


[XBOX LIVE ARCADE] November 9th, 2011

7 11 2011

This weeks sole XBLA game is Fusion Genesis.  It comes from Starfire Studios (the studio formed by ex-Rare employees).

Fusion Genesis is an explosive mix of space adventure and multiplayer shooter. A cross between diablo and GTA in space, but in a dynamic multiplayer environment – the first of its kind for XBLA.

Minecraft Coming EXCLUSIVELY To XBLA In 2012

24 10 2011


For those of you who followed E3 this year, you all know that Minecraft was announced with no release date or what platforms it would find it’s way onto (save for Xbox 360).   Well it was announced today via Twitter that Minecraft will be coming exclusively to Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.

Look for Minecraft on XBLA Spring 2012.

What is Minecraft you ask?  Just watch this video below:

[XBOX LIVE ARCADE] October 26th, 2011

24 10 2011

This week sees the release of three different XBLA games, which ones will you all be picking up?  War of the Worlds looks pretty interesting…

War of the Worlds – 800 MSP

The War of the Worlds is a dark and breathtaking new vision of the classic H.G. Wells novel, retold as a 2D side-scrolling platformer and narrated by the acclaimed actor Patrick Stewart.

Daytona USA – 800 MSP

The re-release of Daytona USA features:

-Fresh Oil and a New Coat of Paint: Experience the classic retro graphics of the original arcade hit in an enhanced,16:9 widescreen format
-Let’s Go Away: Relive your glory days of racing to the sounds of the original Daytona® USA soundtrack, also available in Karaoke Mode (admit it, you know you have been singing along anyway)
-Pedal to the Metal: Drive like a pro with included support for the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel controller on PS3™, and all Xbox 360-supported steering wheel controllers
-Reach the Winner’s Circle: Challenge AI opponents in Arcade Mode, race the clock in Survival and Time Trial Modes, and trade paint with up to eight players in online multiplayer to place on the worldwide leaderboard


Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone – 800 MSP

Four unlikely heroes find themselves caught in a fight for their lives when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their Canadian community. Banding together for both humor and survival – and armed with everything from guns to cricket bats – the four must find a way off the island… together.

A Huge Xbox Live Sale – Until October 4th, 2011

28 09 2011

First we have the Windows 7 Phone sale and now there is also a Xbox Live Sale.  These deals only last until October 4th, 2011…so if you’re wanting any of this you better act fast!
Arcade Games

• Bionic Commando: Rearmed – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 – 1200 MSP – 600 MSP
• Blade Kitten – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Islands of Wakfu – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• The Maw – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Monday Night Combat – 1200 MSP – 600 MSP
• Moon Diver – 1200 MSP – 600 MSP
• Outland – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Section 8: Prejudice – 1200 MSP – 800 MSP
• Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter – 1200 MSP – 400 MSP
• Shank – 1200 MSP – 600 MSP
• Star Raiders – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Trials HD – 1200 MSP – 600 MSP
• Trouble Witches Neo – 800 MSP – 400 MSP
• Yar’s Revenge – 800 MSP – 400 MSP (this is showing as 600 MSP on the Xbox Dashboard).

Game Add-ons

Assassin’s Creed II
• “Sequence 12: Battle of Forli” – 320 MSP – 160 MSP
• “Sequence 13 : Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations” – 560 MSP – 280 MSP

Dragon Age: Origins
• “Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” – 2400 MSP – 1200 MSP **

Section 8: Prejudice
• “Blitz Pack” – 240 MSP – 120 MSP
• “Section 8®: Prejudice™ Overdrive Map Pack” – 320 MSP – 160 MSP **
• “Section 8®: Prejudice™ Frontier Colonies Map Pack” – 320 MSP – 160 MSP **


Halo: Reach
• “Halo Reach Noble Team Theme” – 240 MSP – 120 MSP

Avatar Items

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
• “The Noble Outfit (Female)” – 400 MSP – 200 MSP
• “The Noble Outfit (Male)” – 400 MSP – 200 MSP

Cool Jobs Collection
• “Scuba Diver (Female)” – 400 MSP – 200 MSP
• “Scuba Diver (Male)” – 400 MSP – 200 MSP

• “Alien Blob” – 240 MSP – 120 MSP

[Xbox Live Arcade] September 28th, 2011

28 09 2011

Microsoft is treating us this week to 3 new Xbox Live Arcade Games.  Although some are a little pricey for me.  I think I’ll be waiting for a price drop on some of these.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem – 1200 MSP

Worms™: Ultimate Mayhem is the definitive 3D Worms™ game! Load your weapons and experience a whole new dimension in destructive turn-based cartoon action! Taking the game into 3D creates all-new strategic and gameplay possibilities. With over 80 single-player missions and challenges, Xbox LIVE multi-player for up to 4 players, 5 multi-player modes, unprecedented customization of both worms and weapons, and fully destructible environments, it’s bursting with anarchic mayhem. Battle and puzzle your way through all of the missions from both “Worms™ 3D” and “Worms™ 4: Mayhem” – it’s essentially two games in one, and is the ultimate 3D Worms™ collection.

Mercury Hg – 400 MSP

Mercury is back, all new and in HD! Explore 60 levels of tilting tension, color it, split it and watch the levels pulse to the beat of your own music. Can you attain the top position on the leaderboards and have the world race against your ghost? With the help of the ghost replays shave split seconds off your time and achieve higher scores. Discover the 20 bonus elements and 10 challenges as you explore the world of Mercury Hg.

MLB® BOBBLEHEAD BATTLE – 800 MSP (North America only)

Knock a curveball out of the ballpark with MLB® Bobblehead Battle! This MLB® bobblehead challenge features all of your favorite teams and players with a unique twist – it’s entirely focused on batting! Create customized fields with various obstacles such as walls and slopes while outsmarting your opponent with a dynamic card system that allows customization of players and more.

[XBLA RELEASES] September 21st, 2011

19 09 2011

Rotastic – 800 MSP

Rotastic is an addictive 2D arcade game, offering accessible, innovative and original gameplay, and a huge dose of fun without taking itself too seriously. Behind very simple swinging mechanics hides a deep gameplay with numerous possibilities to challenge your reflexes, genuity, and skills! Collect items, escape deadly traps, send your opponents flying to their doom, smash bricks, execute aerial acrobatics, burst chickens to dust and feathers, or top the fastest speedruns!

The solo campaign spreading across 7 worlds and nearly 70 levels offers ours of fun, with a wide range of gameplay to value replayability! Pit your kills against your friends and the players from around the world by beating the best scores for every one of each level!

Rotastic offers local battle mode, for up to 4 players to either race for item collecting, or tried-and-true deathmatch. Multiplayer is intense and full of fun!

Burnout CRASH! – 800 MSP

Criterion has gone back to their roots with Burnout CRASH! by bringing Burnout’s fan-favourite Crash mode to the forefront, adding new gameplay and exciting features to let players compete with their friends while embracing their road rage.

Powered by the award winning Autolog technology, players will be able to connect, compete and compare high scores to earn the master of disaster crown, as well as using the all new Autolog Challenges to go head to head asynchronously with their friends.

Burnout CRASH! packs countless hours of reckless chaos into an easy to pick up, but difficult to master gameplay experience. There are three explosive game modes available across six unique locations and 18 crash junctions, each requiring different skills and strategies to maximize damage and debris.

The game is also Electronic Arts’ first Xbox LIVE Arcade title to feature a game mode designed exclusively for Kinect in which two teams can use gestural controls to crash and burn in a party battle! With a variety of player vehicles to unlock, high-value targets to seek and destroy, and crazy special features to discover, players will be hooked on an adrenaline-fuelled road rampage to the top of the heap.

Here are the achievements for Burnout CRASH!

Here are the achievements for Rotastic.