22 08 2012

Halo 4 [50 Achievements/1,000 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers) Source

Dawn [10]
Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty.

Requiem [10]
Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty.

Forerunner [10]
Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty.

Infinity [10]
Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty.

Reclaimer [10]
Complete Mission 5 on any difficulty.

Shutdown [10]
Complete Mission 6 on any difficulty.

Composer [10]
Complete Mission 7 on any difficulty.

Midnight [10]
Complete Mission 8 on any difficulty.

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Your First HALO 4 Trailer!!!

5 03 2012

Halo.  When almost anyone thinks of the Xbox franchise they think of the big franchises: Halo, Gears Of War, Fable, etc. It’s needless to say that Halo has greatly helped the sucess of the Xbox franchise.

Well, Master Chief is back with Cortana for yet another trilogy starting with Halo 4.  In a bold and suprising move, Halo 4 was announced for Xbox 360….not it’s forthing coming spawn: 720, etc, etc…  I would have thought surely Microsoft would use Halo 4 for a new console seller, but props to them for this move.

Anyways, onto your first look at Halo 4:

Halo 4 will launch this holiday season, 2012!  Are you excited yet?

Halo: Reach Getting Update in October

26 08 2011

The way you play multiplayer is about to be tweaked fellow Reach players. I’ve just started playing online and as a noob I’m glad to see the Armor Lock get taken down a peg or two. Some of the changes:

  • Armor Lock now only prevents most of the damage
  • Armor Lock will not unstuck, stuck plasma grenades
  • Shield Bleedthrough will be added, where damage done to players with a fraction of shield remaining can now be inflicted on their remaining health
  • An option to change the reticule bloom (the thing that makes you less accurate the more you fire your pistol and other headshot weapons)
  • Will no longer be able to block an incoming sword attack with simple melee, unless you of course also have a sword
  • Melee kills will now take three blows instead of two
  • Active Camo will be be shortened… unfortunately.

If you wanted to know what Halo was going to be like without Bungie this will be your first taste.

HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary Pre-Order Bonus

18 07 2011

Halo.  One of Microsoft’s biggest, most profittable franchises.  What better way to bring in more money?  Re-release a game that started it all  HD. Kinect.  If that wasn’t enough to buy you in, they are now offering pre-order bonuses!

For the first time ever.  They are offering the full suit of Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor for your avatar.  That’s right folks, you can now say that you are Master Chief.

Here is the description from Mircosoft & 343 Industries

Heroes Never Die, and to honor the 10th anniversary of John 117, you will finally be able to transform your Xbox LIVE Avatar into the iconic hero by outfitting it with Master Chief’s signature MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.

See a picture after the break….

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[E3 2011] Halo 4 – My Opinion..

17 06 2011

At this years E3 Microsoft announced a new trilogy that probably sent Halo fans headspinning.  A new Halo trilogy.  For those of you whom have beat Halo 3 on Legendary (or looked up the ending on  youtube) you know all about the “secret ending’ from Halo 3 that preludes into what we all assumed to be Halo 4.

Well, now it is officially announced.  Halo 4 is coming.  But my concern is it coming to Xbox 360 or does Microsoft have it planned for their next generation console?

Now let me state that this is pure speculation on my part.  I have not seen any proof that Mircosoft is going to release this on a new console, it’s just a hunch.  So bear with me here.

Id Software’s John Carmack says that the” new console will be here in a couple of years. ”  That being said, there are also games in development for the new console already, such as Time Splitters 4.

So here is my question to you loyal readers.  Do you really think that Microsoft won’t release Halo 4 for their new console instead of the Xbox 360?  Let’s face it…Halo is one of the best selling franchises that Microsoft owns.   So with developers already working on games for the next-gen consoles I would think that Microsoft would be pushing for Halo 4 to be released on the next-gen consoles as a “console seller”.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but with developers already claming that the next-gen console will debut at next years E3 and have a potential release date for early 2013 this seems very very likely to me.  Granted, Microsoft could release it for both platforms in order to sooth the angry tide of people that just bought the Xbox 360 Slim & Kinect less than 1-2 years ago.  But who knows….maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. 

What do you think?