Borderlands 2 Profile: Maya

30 08 2012

I think that Maya could be one of the biggest suprises for Borderlands 2. Her Phaselock ability could potentially be a co-op player’s dream come true. Freezing your enemies in mid-air while all of your buddies light ’em up.

Gearbox has released Maya’s profile for Borderlands 2, check it out!

Borderlands 2 can’t get here quick enough for me, but you can expect it to hit stores September 18th, 2012.

New Borderlands 2 Trailer Shows Us Maya, The Siren

4 09 2011

Yes it is confirmed that Borderlands 2 will have a Siren class like the original did.  But, Maya who is the new Siren, will not have the “phasewalking” power as did Lilith.  Gearbox states that all Sirens are connected, but they do not have the same powers as each other.  So, it sounds like Gearbox is trying to elude to something bigger with the Sirens.  What that will be? Only time will tell.  Until then, enjoy this 14 minute gameplay of Borderlands 2…while it’s still available.

If you would like see screenshots of Maya, just visit out photobucket page by clicking here!