NASCAR The Game: The Inside Line Cover Winner

22 08 2012

Over the last few months, Eutechnyx has given the fans the ultimate choice and reponsibility of choosing the driver that would appear on the cover of the upcoming NASCAR The Game: The Inside Line.

The last two votes came down to Kasey Kahne and Dale Earnhardt Jr. While you could see the ticker on the Eutechnyx Facbook page, you just couldn’t tell who was going to win out because it was so close.

Today, the winner has been unveiled: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Here is the official cover for the game as well:

When Eutechnyx took over the NASCAR liscense from EA, I think all the NASCAR fans breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe this new developer wouldn’t just make a NASCAR game, but put heart into it. I know their first attempt was a little buggy (especially the online), but I feel that they are poised to make one of the best NASCAR games since 2004.

Here are some of the key features from the new game:


Jump into the driver’s seat in the all new Career Mode. Players begin as a rookie driver and compete in multiple NASCAR Sprint Cup seasons, attracting and acquiring NASCAR sponsors, earning Championship points and Credits and gaining opportunities to compete in Invitational Events.

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line also features a separate Season Mode, allowing players to compete in a single NASCAR Sprint Cup season, as a real-world NASCAR driver.


The new and improved online experience provides the most intense NASCAR online experience to date. Fully customizable practice, qualifying and race sessions combine with fast paced side by side racing to create a limitless array of fast paced excitement.


Telemetry data is used to create unique Challenge events, each one a recreation of the most memorable and nail biting moments in recent NASCAR Sprint Cup history. Players are challenged to take on the role of a real NASCAR driver and to Relive or Rewrite history.

In the Head to Head challenges, the player can go one on one against the best drivers in NASCAR to try and beat their best lap times on each track.


The newly reworked Paint Booth allows creative fans to create amazingly detailed paint schemes using a host of tools and decals. The new mirror tool, sponsor decals and increased layers count give the budding artist a whole new level of control over their creations.


  • Telemetry data modeled tracks for greater accuracy
  • Full Race Weekend with Practice, Qualifying and Race available both offline and online with fully customizable practice and race lengths.
  • All the officially licensed tracks and races of the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
  • 2-Player Split-screen mode
  • 120+ Paint Schemes
  • Official NASCAR Announcers and Crew Chief

So there you have it! We all know that Jr. is NASCAR’s most popular driver, but if you had to choose the person that goes on the cover – who would you pick?