Your First HALO 4 Trailer!!!

5 03 2012

Halo.  When almost anyone thinks of the Xbox franchise they think of the big franchises: Halo, Gears Of War, Fable, etc. It’s needless to say that Halo has greatly helped the sucess of the Xbox franchise.

Well, Master Chief is back with Cortana for yet another trilogy starting with Halo 4.  In a bold and suprising move, Halo 4 was announced for Xbox 360….not it’s forthing coming spawn: 720, etc, etc…  I would have thought surely Microsoft would use Halo 4 for a new console seller, but props to them for this move.

Anyways, onto your first look at Halo 4:

Halo 4 will launch this holiday season, 2012!  Are you excited yet?


[E3 2011] Halo 4 – My Opinion..

17 06 2011

At this years E3 Microsoft announced a new trilogy that probably sent Halo fans headspinning.  A new Halo trilogy.  For those of you whom have beat Halo 3 on Legendary (or looked up the ending on  youtube) you know all about the “secret ending’ from Halo 3 that preludes into what we all assumed to be Halo 4.

Well, now it is officially announced.  Halo 4 is coming.  But my concern is it coming to Xbox 360 or does Microsoft have it planned for their next generation console?

Now let me state that this is pure speculation on my part.  I have not seen any proof that Mircosoft is going to release this on a new console, it’s just a hunch.  So bear with me here.

Id Software’s John Carmack says that the” new console will be here in a couple of years. ”  That being said, there are also games in development for the new console already, such as Time Splitters 4.

So here is my question to you loyal readers.  Do you really think that Microsoft won’t release Halo 4 for their new console instead of the Xbox 360?  Let’s face it…Halo is one of the best selling franchises that Microsoft owns.   So with developers already working on games for the next-gen consoles I would think that Microsoft would be pushing for Halo 4 to be released on the next-gen consoles as a “console seller”.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but with developers already claming that the next-gen console will debut at next years E3 and have a potential release date for early 2013 this seems very very likely to me.  Granted, Microsoft could release it for both platforms in order to sooth the angry tide of people that just bought the Xbox 360 Slim & Kinect less than 1-2 years ago.  But who knows….maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. 

What do you think?

Rumor Mill: Gears of War: Exile & Halo HD To Appear At E3 2011

30 05 2011

I’m sure by now we have all heard the rumor of Microsoft making a Gears of War title for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Gears of War: Exile is the name that has been labeled for this, but there has been no confirmation if this is a Kinect title or if it’s not.

That being said, Microsoft has said that this years’ E3 they are going all out for the hardcore Kinect audience which has not games to date at this point to satisfy them.  So could Gears of War: Exile be a Kinect title? Yes, it’s extremely possible.  Will it appear at E3?  I have no doubt that it will show it’s face at E3.  Will we see it soon? Well…if it’s anything like the Kinect: Star Wars game….well, that’s all I will say.

Also, with the 10 year anniversay of Halo coming up, 343 Studios might be cooking up something as well for this years’ E3.  Rumors are abound of a Halo: Combat Evolved HD upgrade coming out soon.  That would not suprise me at all seeing how there is not a current Halo game announced.  We all know how Microsoft likes to showboat one of their biggest franchises at E3.

So do I think Halo HD is coming.  Definately.  There are way too many magazine publications talking about it for it not to be true.  I just wonder if they are going for a full retail release or if they are going to release it on Xbox Live the way they are doing Resident Evil HD?

Achievements Unveiled – Halo Wars

27 12 2008

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
  Adjudicate the Arbiter 30
Complete the Campaign on Heroic Difficulty
  Detour the Great Journey 50
Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty
  Momma’s Boy 5
Get a Gold Medal on any mission
  Crushed Colors 10
Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission
  Mr. Punctual 15
Finish all missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty
  Own Worst Enemy 20
Get a Gold Medal with all Debuff Skulls Active
  Wall of Recognition 30
Get a Gold Medal on every Campaign Mission
  Epic Grinder 40
Obtain a Lifetime Campaign Score over 1,000,000
  Everything’s Better with Bacon 5
Mission 1: Ram 50 Grunts with Warthogs
  Endless Fun 5
Mission 2: Destroy every Methane Tank
  Covenant “Hot Drop” 5
Mission 3: Kill at least 5 Covenant Units with the Bridge
  The Real Winner 5
Mission 4: Save Adam
  He’s Got The Jack 5
Mission 5: Jack 6 Covenant Vehicles
  Rhino Hugger 5
Mission 6: Successfully protect every Rhino
  Micro Manager 5
Mission 7: Do not destroy any Power Node
  Ramblin’ Man 5
Mission 8: Use Elephants to train 100 Infantry
  Sweet Naptime 5
Mission 9: Put every Colony in Hibernation Mode at the same time
  The Procrastinator 5
Mission 10: Disrupt all Tractor Beams
  Battened Down the Hatches 5
Mission 11: Save all the Airlocks
  Handy with Tools 5
Mission 12: Repair the Power Core in less than 4 minutes
  Beaming with Pride 5
Mission 13: Destroy 25 units with the Scarab
  Didn’t Get To Second Base 5
Mission 14: Don’t claim an extra base
  Thinkin’ about My Doorbell 5
Mission 15: Open the Doors in order
  Backscratcher 10
Complete any Campaign Mission in Co-op Mode
Complete entire Campaign in Co-op Mode
  Playin’ the Field 15
Win a Skirmish Game with every Leader
  Gallivant around the Galaxy 25
Win a game on every Skirmish Map
  Empire Builder 5
Win a game in every Skirmish Game Mode
  Titan 15
Get 20,000 points in any Skirmish Game
  Big Al’s Scooter 10
Win a Heroic Skirmish Game against the AI in under 10 minutes
  My Virtual Friends Love Me 10
Win a 3v3 Skirmish game with 2 AI Allies
  Walk-Off Winner 30
Use one of the 6 Major Leader Powers to destroy an enemy’s last unit
  2 Bugs are Better Than 1 10
Win a Skirmish Game with Dual Scarabs
  Penny Pincher 10
Get a winning High Score with 10 or less Squads against the Heroic AI
  N00b n0 M0r3 10
Win a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE
  So Lonely at the Top 20
Win and have the Highest Score in a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE
  Basically Naive 10
Obtain the Recruit Rank on Xbox LIVE
  Officer on Deck 30
Obtain the Lieutenant Rank on Xbox LIVE
  Running the Show 50
Obtain the General Rank on Xbox LIVE
  Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas 5
Collect your first Skull
  Graverobber 30
Collect all Skulls
  Halo Academic 15
Unlock 20 Timeline Events
  Halo Historian 40
Unlock All Timeline Events
  Ready for the Sequel 75
100% Completion
  24 Hours of Quality 20
Play Halo Wars for at least 24 Total Hours
Secret Achievements
  Secret Achievement 10
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  Secret Achievement 40
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  Secret Achievement 50
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  Secret Achievement 70
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  Secret Achievement 70
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Bungie Creating A Map Maker For Halo?

13 08 2008

Just check out the video below and see for yourself

So, what do you think?

New Secret Halo Bungie Project Revealed…?

13 07 2008

Ah the calm before the storm that is E3.  Well actually, there is no calm before the storm…actually, it’s like you’re in the middle of a hurricane.  Rumors are abound and this one may have some truth behind it.

Apparantely a source that is very knowledgable about Bungie development slate has slippped out some information to Gamespot.  It’s said that this could be the rumored project from 2006 called “Halo: Frontrunner”, but that has not been confirmed.

As for this new information on the Halo project, here are a few details that are mentioned in the article.  It’s said that this new project will NOT FEATURE MASTER CHIEF AT ALL.  I know…right?  A Halo game without Master Chief…how’s that going to be?  Not only is there going to be no Master Chief at all, but it’s also supposed to more darker and even grittier than ever.  Got your attention?  It’s got ours and truly, I’m not even that big of a Halo fan.

The source claims that it will be a cross between “Gears of War & Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon”.  The game is going to base around a squad of the UNSC forces fighting The Covenant.  Also, the rumor going around is that you can play as the entire squad; meaing possibly up to an 8 player co-op game…how cool is that?  8 player co-op…count me in!

But whether all of this is truth or not…I guess we’ll find out shortly seeing how E3 starts up tomorrow.