Achievements Unveiled – Midnight Club: Los Angeles

14 10 2008

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
  Wanted Man 10
Pull over while the police are in ‘pull over’ mode, then drive away during the ticketing cutscene.
  Out On Bail 10
Evade the police successfully when they are in pursuit.
  Neither Bird nor Plane 10
Travel 1020 feet in a single jump.
  Jordan Jumpman 10
Spend more than 10 minutes in the air. Brought to you by JORDAN BRAND.
  Unicycle 20
Drive a cumulative total of 50 miles while doing a wheelie on a motorcycle.
  Just Get A Motorcycle 20
In a car, drive a cumulative total of 50 miles on 2 wheels.
  Hear me Roar! 20
Unlock Level 3 ROAR.
  Anger Management 20
Unlock Level 3 AGRO.
  Set To Stun 20
Unlock Level 3 EMP.
  Zoning Out 20
Unlock Level 3 ZONE.
  In the Lap of… 20
Beat the Luxury Champ.
  Name that Tune ( r ) 20
Beat the Tuner Champ.
  World’s Strongest 20
Beat the Muscle Champ.
  Two Wheels of Fury 30
Beat the Motorcycle Champ.
  How Exotic 30
Beat the Exotic Champ.
  The Basics 10
Complete one of the missions you receive in the mission log.
  What’s a Speed Limit? 20
Win 15 dynamic freeway races.
  Streaker 20
Win 5 races in a row offline.
  Winning With Less 20
Win 10 races on a motorcycle.
  Go on Green 20
Win 15 Red Light Races.
  Destroyer of Worlds 20
Successfully destroy 15 opponent vehicles using the Payback vehicle at the Beaches garage.
  Here for a Pickup 20
Successfully deliver 15 vehicles out of the Hollywood garage.
  Father Time 30
Completely unlock a time trial by completing all 3 missions.
  Uncle Time 20
Finish the first mission for each of the 4 time trials.
  Competitive Glory 20
Win each of the 4 tournaments at least one time.
  It’s How You Play The Game 30
Finish 300 offline races. Winning is not required.
  The Winner 30
Win 180 offline races.
  Rags To Riches 30
Have $1 million dollars in the bank while playing in Los Angeles.
  Have Car, Will Travel 30
Drive a total of 5,000 miles, including any miles driven online or offline.
  Getting Off the Bench 10
Enter an online cruise and join a proposed race.
  Who Made This? 10
Enter a Race Editor Race online.
  Saving Los Angeles 10
Enter the Race Editor, create a race, and then save it.
  Paparazzi 10
Save 16 photos to your photo album.
  T-Mobile myFaves 10
Join an online game with 5 of your friends. Stay Connected with MyFaves from T-Mobile.
  Turn in the Work 10
Submit a vehicle to Rate My Ride.
  Everyone’s a Critic 20
Rate 25 rides online.
  Crossing the Line 20
Finish 50 races online.
  Master Thief 30
Steal 80 flags while playing Capture the Flag or other battle matches.
  Postman 30
Deliver 100 flags in Capture the Flag or other battle matches.
  Ranking Up 30
Win 20 ranked matches online.
  Where in the World? 10
Find half of the collectables in Los Angeles.
  Waldo’s Still Missing 40
Find all the collectables in Los Angeles.
  Retire the Master 50
Beat the City Champ.
  Mild Dedication 10
In Goal Attack, complete every goal for one race.
  True Dedication 100
All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

Achievements Unveiled: Pure

27 08 2008

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
  Finished an event 5
Complete an event.
  Unlocked Stage 2 5
Successfully unlock the 2nd Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 3 5
Successfully unlock the 3rd Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 4 5
Successfully unlock the 4th Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 5 10
Successfully unlock the 5th Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 6 10
6. Stufe freischalten.
  Unlocked Stage 7 10
Successfully unlock the 7th Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 8 10
Successfully unlock the 8th Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 9 10
Successfully unlock the 9th Stage.
  Unlocked Stage 10 10
Successfully unlock the 10th Stage.
  Completed Stage 1 10
Place first in all four events in Stage 1.
  Completed Stage 2 20
Place first in all four events in Stage 2.
  Completed Stage 3 20
Place first in all four events in Stage 3.
  Completed Stage 4 20
Place first in all four events in Stage 4.
  Completed Stage 5 20
Place first in all five events in Stage 5.
  Completed Stage 6 20
Place first in all five events in Stage 6.
  Completed Stage 7 20
Place first in all five events in Stage 7.
  Completed Stage 8 30
Place first in all six events in Stage 8.
  Completed Stage 9 30
Place first in all six events in Stage 9.
  Completed Stage 10 50
Place first in all seven events in Stage 10.
  1 of a kind 5
Build an ATV from scratch in the garage.
  Fully Loaded 10
Unlock and then fill all ten ATV slots in the garage.
  Mechanic 10
Build five ATVs, each with a different engine.
  Flawless Lap 5
Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting.
  Flawless Event 10
Complete a World Tour event without dismounting.
  Tricked Out 20
Perform every normal trick in a single World Tour event.
  Specialised 25
Perform 8 different special tricks in a single World Tour event.
  Freestyler 30
Extend a Freestyle event past the third lap.
  Triple Flip 20
During an event; pull off a 1080 forward or backward rotation in a single jump.
  Nice Combo! 10
During an event; perform a combo of at least 50,000 points.
  Sick Combo! 20
During an event; perform a combo of at least 125,000 points.
  Killer Combo! 30
During an event; perform a combo of at least 250,000 points.
  You’re special! 20
During an event; perform every special trick in the game.
  Pure perfection 100
Come first in every event in the Pure World Tour
  Grease Monkey 25
Earn a 1st place with every engine type in World Tour Mode
  Comeback Kid 10
Come from last place on the last lap to win a race event in World Tour Mode
  Fresh Air 20
Win a competitive Freestyle event with Fresh tricks only.
  No Messing 25
Complete World Tour Mode while participating in a maximum of 42 events
  Zero to Hero 20
Acquire a special trick within 30 seconds of starting a Race event.
  You reckon? 20
Pull a special trick during a Sprint event.
  Two time! 25
Perform two special tricks in one jump.
  Hang Time 25
Spend 150 seconds in the air and go on to win the event.
  Learner Driver 25
Lap another rider during an offline Sprint event.
  No pain, no gain. 25
Crash more than ten times and still win a competitive Race or Sprint event.
  Full speed ahead. 25
Hold down the accelerator for an entire competitive Race or Sprint event and finish in first place.
  Show Off 20
Win a Race or Sprint event and crossing the line doing a Wheelie on every lap.
  Win Online 10
Come first in an online event.
  5 in a row 30
Come first in 5 online events in a row.
  Underdog 30
Use a class D engine to beat an opponent with a class A engine in a ranked match
  Online Champ 30
Come first in a online championship.

Codemasters Announces MMO Racing Game: Fuel

19 08 2008

Not really sure if I’d consider it an MMO just yet, but it still sounds cool.  FUEL is set in an “alternate present” where the world’s been wrecked by the effects of climate change, FUEL claims a 5,000 square-mile playing area with “no boundaries” and 16-player racing.
Players race in “grungy home-tuned vehicles” across the “tsunami-wrecked pacific coast through the Nevada wastelands, including the Grand Canyon, up treacherous snow-capped mountains, thick forests, arid deserts, abandoned lakeside resorts and much more”.

Along the way racers will encounter tornados, sandstorms, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and blizzards thanks to a dynamic weather system, and experience a full day-and-night cycle.

You probably know Codemasters from their great games such as: GRID, DIRT, and my favorite Overlord!


Guitar Hero & Aerosmith Invade NASCAR

19 06 2008

Guitar Hero Nascar

Guitar Hero is taking the world over one place at a time.  This time it appears it’s going to be NASCAR, one of the greatest and most popular sports in America.  It will debut during NASCAR Sprint Cup’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway race on Sunday, June 29th.  It will be driven by Dario Franchitti, who has not had very much success this year.  Hopefully it won’t wreck this awesome looking car.

Also, Target announced Wednesday that it will sell an exclusive limited edition bundle for the Wii version of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which features the game, two wireless guitar controllers, and a “tour book” for $149.99. The bundle will be available alongside the standard releases on June 29.