New GTA V Screens Paraglide In

22 08 2012

Just a couple of days ago Rockstar released some new screens for GTA V. As promised by Rockstar, they have released even more screens.

These screens show off a softer, playful side to GTA V. But we all know that chaos is sure to follow!


Unfortunately, still, there is no release date for GTA V. But when it is revealed to us, we will reveal it to you here! Anyone else excited about GTA V? What new features would you like to see implemented in this iteration?


Rockstar Releases Some GTA V Screens

20 08 2012

GTA V. What else is there to say about that? We all want it and we want it now. Unfortunately, not much has been leaked about the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. No release date. No main character. No plot. No nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true as we now have 3 new GTA V screens for you to view! With Rockstar stating there should be more released by the end of this week!


Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Released

2 11 2011

Rockstar is back.  It’s been quite a while since our last visit to their critically acclaimed franchise that is: Grand Theft Auto.  It looks like this time we will be headed back to San Andreas in GTA V.  Rumor has it that GTA V will be a digital only game, meaning no retail release.  But again this is only RUMOR.

So what do you all think about the new trailer? Discuss it below!

Feast Your Eyes On This Max Payne 3 Debut Trailer

14 09 2011

From the recent screens (and this video) it looks as if Max Payne has gone through some changes…if not hard times.  Max Payne 3 will not just have a single player campaign, but also multiplayer elements as well – to be announced at a later date. 

Max Payne 3 is scheduled to come out March 2012.

[Xbox Live] Deal Of The Week – September 13th, 2011

13 09 2011


This weeks Xbox Live Deal Of The Week is:

 •The Rockstar Pass in L.A. Noire – 960 MSP – 640 MSP

This will allow you to download all 4 of the L.A. Noire DLC cases.  This is a great deal.  I’m sure this was put up on Deal Of The Week because of Team Bondi closing down.  I’d be sure to get this while it lasts.  This was a stellar game.

Max Payne 3 Announcements

8 09 2011

Rockstar has made a few announcements about their upcoming title, Max Payne 3. Firstly, The Max Payne story will pick up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a new job working for a security firm. However, things take a terrible turn. The clients he was hired to protect is taken under his watch. He must find them and kill their captors to clear his name. Secondly, the game is slated for a March release in 2012.

Also, Max Payne will be introducing multiplayer. After all what game that expects itself to sell doesn’t have multiplayer? You will be able to dynamically alter maps during play. I assume this means you are going to be able to blow a lot of stuff up. You will also be able to join together with your friends in level and clan progression.

Red Dead Redemption’s FREE Myths & Mavericks DLC – September 13th, 2011

1 09 2011

Rockstar Games announced today that for a big “thank you” to all the fans who have put so many hours into this games’ multiplayer that they will be release the Myths & Mavericks DLC for FREE! on September 13th, 2011. 

Here is what the free DLC will include:

Maps/Modes (bolded locations are brand new to multiplayer)
Cochinay – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout, Stronghold
Nekoti Rock – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
El Presidio – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Plainview – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Gaptooth Mine – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Pike’s Basin – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Perdido – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Benedict Point – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Beecher’s Hope – Stronghold
Torquemada – Stronghold
Armadillo – Stronghold
Chuparosa – Stronghold
Rio Bravo – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Tumbleweed – Stronghold

New Multiplayer Characters
Landon Ricketts
Vicente DeSanta
Drew MacFarlane
Deputy Eli
Deputy Jonah
Javier Esquella