[ACHIEVEMENTS] Skylanders: Giants

23 08 2012

Skylanders: Giants [45 Achievements/1000 Gamerscore]

Achievements Could Contain Spoilers

Rumbletown Ranger [10]
Complete Chapter 3

Skystones Superstar [10]
Complete Chapter 4

Glacier Great [10]
Complete Chapter 5

Vault Victor [10]
Complete Chapter 6

Wilikin Winner [10]
Complete Chapter 7

Security Breacher [10]
Complete Chapter 8

King of the Castle [10]
Complete Chapter 9

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List Of Skylanders: Giants (And Release Dates)

20 08 2012

Due to the popularity of the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures release thread, I decided to do one for Skylanders: Giants as well. If you have any information or if any of my information is incorrect, please post in the comments below and I’ll adjust this thread. I want to make this as good as a resource as it was for the previous Skylanders game! I’ll update it as I learn more information, so bookmark it and join us on Facebook!

Skylander Release Availability Notes Element | Type
Bouncer Out Now Tech Element | Giant
Chill (Lightcore) TBD  A Lightcore and non-Lightcore figure will be released Water Element | New Skylander | Lightcore
Chop Chop Out Now Game 2 Re-Release
Crusher Out Now Earth Element | Giant
Eruptor (Lightcore) Out Now Lightcore Re-Release
Eye-Brawl TBD Undead Element | Giant
Flashwing Out Now Earth Element | New Skylander
Fright Rider Out Now Undead Element | New Skylander
Hex (Lightcore) TBD Lightcore Re-Release
Hot Dog January 1, 2013 Fire Element | New Skylander
Hot Head Out Now Fire Element | Giant
Jet Vac (Lightcore) TBD Releases In Starter Pack A Lightcore and non-Lightcore figure will be released Air Element | New Skylander | Lightcore
Legendary Ignitor  TBD
Legendary Slam Bam  TBD
Ninnjini  TBD Magic Element | Giant
Pop Fizz  Out Now Releases In Starter Pack  A Lightcore and non-Lightcore figure will be released Magic Element | New Skylander | Lightcore
(Punch) Pop Fizz  Out Now Exclusive to the 3DS Starter Pack (Red Color Variant) Magic Element | New Skylander | Lightcore
Shroomboom  Out Now Gamestop Exclusive Golden Dragonfire Cannon Adventuer Pack Comes with Chop Chop (A Lightcore and non-Lightcore figure will be released) Grass Element | New Skylander
Sprocket  Out Now Tech Element | New Skylander
Swarm  Out Now Air Element | Giant
Thumpback  TBD Water Element | Giant
Tree Rex  Out Now Releases In Starter Pack Grass Element | Giant

These pictures are a little blurry, but you can make out some of the new Skylanders. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.


Chill Joins The Skylanders: Giants Cast

15 08 2012

Skylanders: Giants is set to take the kids and stores by storm coming this October 21st, 2012. Toys For Bob, the developers and creators of Skylanders, are doing a great job in keeping everyone (and me) interested in their upcoming sequel.

Today, they announced a new character that will join the rest of the original 32 for Skylanders Giants. Her name is Chill. Want to find out more about Chill, well check out her bio below.

Element:  WATER
Character Type: New Skylander
Bio:  Chill was the sworn guardian and personal protector of the Snow Queen.  As captain of the queen’s guard, her many heroic deeds had earned her the respect of the entire Ice Kingdom.  But when the Cyclops army began to expand their empire into the northern realms, the Snow Queen was taken prisoner during her watch, and Chill has never forgiven herself for letting it happen.  Ashamed and embarrassed, she left the Ice Kingdom behind and swore never to return until she could reclaim her honor.  Now as a member of the Skylanders, she remains courageous and strong, while always on the lookout for her lost queen.

Here are a few more screenshots as well.