Borderlands 2 Profile: Maya

30 08 2012

I think that Maya could be one of the biggest suprises for Borderlands 2. Her Phaselock ability could potentially be a co-op player’s dream come true. Freezing your enemies in mid-air while all of your buddies light ’em up.

Gearbox has released Maya’s profile for Borderlands 2, check it out!

Borderlands 2 can’t get here quick enough for me, but you can expect it to hit stores September 18th, 2012.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough Trailer

30 09 2011

Gearbox is becoming one of my more favorite developers.  From Borderlands 2 to Aliens: Colonial Marines to Brothers In Arms: Furious 4.  Gearbox is leading the way in the four player co-op area.

Here is a video of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game with narrative by Randy Pitchford. 

So what do you all think about Aliens: Colonial Marines?  Does this game interest you or do you think it will be a complete failure?

Gamescom – Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Unleashed

24 08 2011

For those of you who love co-op gaming and are looking for a game to play with your friends….look no further than here with Aliens: Colonial Marines.  This game will feature 1-4 player co-op through out the entire campaign via system link or online.  For a preview of this game, check out the trailer below.

So what do you all think about this game?  While no official date has been announced for this title, it’s expected to drop in the Spring 2012.  Not to mention Gearbox is behind this game (you know, Borderlands fame) so I have no doubt in my mind that this will be an excellent game to play with your friends.

The First Gameplay Footage From Borderlands 2 Leaked!

21 08 2011

**UPDATE** 8/22/2011 – As you can all see now, Gearbox and 2K have, um, claimed this video.  Sorry for those of you who did not get to see it.  I’m sure another video will pop up sooner or later.

Granted the camera isn’t perfect, you do get a good look at the “disposable” Tediore weapons in action.  You also get your first look at one of the new creature enemies in the game as well.

I think Borderlands 2 will be a hit.  It seems a lot of franchises are going the 4 player co-op way and I think we have to thank games like Borderlands for this. 

When I first seen the artwork of Borderlands in a Game Informer issue.  I was like, “What the hell is this crap?”   Who knew that it would turn out to be one of my favorite games on the Xbox 360 and one of the best co-op games I’ve ever played?

What are your thoughts on the trailer and what new things would you like to see in Borderlands 2?

Aliens: Colonial Marines Set For This Year

7 01 2009

Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines

SEGA confirmed today that the previously thought canceled game Aliens: Colonial Marines will see release in 2009.   It’s expected to hit shelves during the first quarter of the companies fiascal year, which would set it around April – June.   Don’t know what Aliens: Colonial Marines is about?  Click below to see the teaser video and learn more about it.

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